You should join us

Because we are

Group of cavers mid dab
Caver in a cave
club members with the checc trophy


We are in a good spot

Nottingham university is in the middle of Britain this means that most trips will only have a few hours of travel time, also the peak district and Matlock (both of which have a verity of caves and mines) are nearby.

Our group is big

Our club is made up of a verity of students all studying different things. This means that there will always be someone you can talk to or help you out.

Regular events

The club is often doing something from weekend trips to night out in Nottingham. So many opportunities to join in.

The price

For the price of membership go to the club’s page on the Nottingham universities website.


An average weekend trip would cost about £35


Most of the training events that the club offers take place at the David Ross sport centre which costs £6.50 to enter or is completely free if you have a gym membership.

Taster sessions

The taster sessions take place at the David Ross sports centre and are completely free.

Helpful information

Over the years people have asked us various questions. Click on the button below to see them.

Below are some links to websites all about caving.