What trips

Fresher trips

At the start of the educational year NUCC will have a series of fresher trips. Fresher trips are great way to get a taste of caving. On a fresher trip we will all meet up outside of the David Ross Sports Centre before heading to the caving hut. You will spend the weekend caving in the morning and doing social events at night.

Weekend trips

Throughout the year we travel to various parts of the UK mainly Peak District, the Yorkshire Dales, South Wales and the Mendips. We stay in caving huts where we sleep, eat and socialise. During the day we abseil, walk and crawl our way through some of the UK most interesting caves.

Holiday trips

During the summer break the club advertises trips to visit caves in around the world. The majority of these trips are to caves that have not been fully explored and you will be a part of a group of cavers how will spend a few weeks finding and recording undiscovered passages. These trips are best suited for more experienced cavers.

People entering a cave

What to bring

A wash kit (which includes tooth brush, tooth paste, towel and shampoo).

Enough clothes for the trip. Only take clothes that will keep you warm and you don’t mind getting dirty.

Waterproof jacket.

Sleeping bag

For Caving

Old clothes as the caving trip may ruin your clothes. You may only need t-shirt and trousers (not jeans) as the rest of the caving equipment will keep you warm.

Snacks as caving trips can last for hours so you will need to bring something with you on the trip. Most people either bring a chocolate bar or a cereal bar.

Batteries as the club provides head torches but not batteries. At a minimum you will need 4 AA batteries. It is recommended that get about 8 and take spare batteries into the cave.


The club may be able to supply these, or you will be OK without them but if you have any of these you will have an easier trip.

Wellington boots (available at the club but it is hard to find a good pair).

Builder's gloves or gardening gloves.

Knee pads.

Don’t bring

Do not bring any electronics or expensive items, because it is highly likely that they will be lost or damaged.

The club will not prevent you from taking these items with you, but will not take responsibility if lost or damaged.

Caving kit

Common mistakes

At some point during a caving trip you will have to crawl. Crawling without knee pads is painful. You can easily and cheaply find knee pads at your nearest DIY store.

Getting knee pads

On every caving trip bring a spare set of batteries because your batteries will run out at some point.

Bring batteries

Before you go caving think about what you are going to wear because you will get wet in a cave and you will have to wait for people to catch up (which makes you cold).

Keeping warm

Consider bring extras of certain things as it is always possible that something will run out, be lost or be too dirt or wet to use.

Bringing spares

man stuck in contraption