Peak Cavern Freshers Trip


Photo: Jed, Rosanna and Jack (SUSS) ready to take freshers Matthew, Zoe and Marion down Peak Cavern.

I found the last day trip to the Peak District absolutely thrilling! I had never done any caving before so this was a first! The Club’s Members (I won’t offend them with the word “senior”!) are really good fun but also really know what they’re doing, I would have followed them pretty much everywhere in that cave! I discovered the fun of mud fights, broadened my range of English swear words as I was walking with cold water up to the chin, and also understood a lot about the importance of being able to walk no matter what’s ahead, under your feet, and to trust the mucky water and darkness, which is pretty much what we struggle to do with our own life, isn’t it? The discovery of Peak Cavern was followed by an exhausting change of clothes (getting rid of several wet and muddy layers takes a lot of energy after all!), and the great comfort of warm soup and bread thanks to Jay! (never so much appreciated soup before!). Especially when we can enjoy it whilst watching and playing great traditional and silly games!

Thanks for this great day and I’m looking forward for the next!

By Marion Letellier, 08/10/16