Cumberland and Wapping - Land of Dope and Story

Hi all so it’s a bit late but here’s a trip report and photos from last Sunday when Laura, Peter and Alex got off the train here in Matlock for a guided tour of one of the gems of the gorge. As you may recall it was a miserable day and we got changed in one of those blizzards of really light snow that keeps getting blown into helmets and making small snow drifts in my car. We entered through Wapping and immediately got sucked down into the maze which isn’t called the maze for nothing! We spent a good couple of hours exploring like Theseus but didn’t find the Minotaur haha. There are some great crystals down there to admire.

When we eventually escaped the maze, we headed up to Cumberland, a former show cave which bears some impressive spiral staircases also some great psychedelic graffiti walls. The psychedelia as well as the trail of Beer cans through the ages was left behind by the Troglodytes who lived in Cumberland during the 1960’s smoking dope and decorating the walls with the words of King Bob of Cumbo. Coming out of Wapping the snow had turned to rain, so we retired to take a drink at the Fishpond (not the one containing Koi carp) and sampled some of their famous pizzas. We were to stuffed to be bothered with exploring another mine but the next time anybody wants to come to good old Matlock we’ll have to do Gentlwomans to Youd’s level or something.

By Frances Porter, 21/01/18