Caving songs

Either on the move, in a cave or in a caving or hut caving songs can be good fun.

What to buy

The club will always provide you with the necessary equipment.

If you are new to the club ignore this section.

Most of the clubs more senior members do have their own equipment mainly because it is easier to use or more comfortable than club equipment.

It doesn’t matter what equipment you buy or who made it. Just follow these simple rules.

1 Does the product have the CE mark. This mark shows that the product complies to EU standards which proves that the product is safe.

2 Don’t buy second hand products if they relate to safety. If you buy a second hand product it may have exceeded the manufactures lifespan for the product or be in poor condition making it unsafe to use.

3 Do you trust the product. You buy the product because you are going to use it. If you don’t trust it you won’t use it, so there is no point buying it.


Most cavers use equipment manufactured by Petzl.

Go to Ingleton sports as a starting point.

Get some hands on experience with caving equipment before you buy.

Caver with caving equipment

Inspecting equipment

You will need to inspect your equipment about once every 12 months.

It is recommended that you use the following check list.

Cave Photography

Cave photography is a great way to record your trip but to get a good picture is challenging.

These are some of our attempts

Caver ascending a rock face
Caver silhouetted in passage
group of cavers
rock formations within a cave

The camera

It does matter what camera you use. With enough lighting any camera should be able to get a good picture. In fact, most professional cave photographers use inexpensive cameras as they are cheap to replace when they fail.


The only light in a cave is what you can bring with you, so you need to make sure that you bring enough. You may only need a few torches. Because, you will only be able to take a picture of passages that are big enough to stand in, anything bigger and you run the risk of not being able to bring enough lights.

Avoid using your cameras flash function

Using lights around the cave can add depth to a cave but the flash on a camera can make an image look flatter.

Use other cavers

Often it is hard to judge how big something is just from a picture. It is a good idea to have someone in the picture to show the scale.

Protecting equipment

In a cave you can easily damage your camera, therefore you need some sort of protection. This could be a simple as putting your camera in a zip lock bag and putting it in your under suit or storing your camera in a daren drum.

Caving knots

When rigging a cave, you will need to use a verity of knots to ensure a safe accent or decent.

Below is a PDF about how to make the various knots used in caving.

Cave rigging

This video should give you a general idea of cave rigging as well as an idea of the best way to do it.