About Expeditions

Despite the club not running its own expedition for a number of years we have multiple members who have exploratory caving experience. Over the summer of 2016 one member was part of a team of SUSS (Sheffield University Speleological Society) and ASAK (Akademski Speleološko-Alpinistički Klub, Belgrade, Serbia) cavers who visited the Pešter plateau in southwestern Serbia. Over the course of a fortnight over 50 jama (Serbian for Potholes) were found, explored and surveyed. When we weren’t underground, days were spent embracing the culture with the locals consuming plenty of rakia and homemade cheese!

As well as Serbia, current members have been to Slovenia, Austria and France. We also have connections with people who have been to some of the most remote parts of the globe all in the name of caving. Belize, China, USA, Morocco and the Philippines are just some countries where cavers you may meet on a weekend away with us have visited. If you would like the opportunity to go on expedition the best way is to join us on weekend trips to gain the required experience and talk to fellow cavers.

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    Lancaster Hole
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    Caving Hut Games
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    Outside Thistle Cave