The Club

Caving is a rare opportunity to mingle and make great friends with students at Universities across the UK. We often run joint weekend trips with University clubs such as Sheffield and Leeds and all University clubs are joined by the Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs (CHECC). This is a great resource for training and accumulating caving knowledge but an even greater one for socialising. Every year we attend the CHECC forum, where (almost) all the University clubs from across the country gather to meet and cave. This has many training opportunities, lectures, lots of socialising and chances to go caving with different people. There’s also Northern CHECC, a similar, smaller event held later in the year for northern caving clubs.

The current NUCC committee are:

Lydia Leather president.jpg
Looks after the club as a whole, making sure all trips, socials and training sessions run smoothly and everyone knows what they are doing.
Jacob Puhalo-Smith secretary.jpg
Steps in if President isn't available, as well as helping with general admin.
Laura Harrison treasurer.jpg
Looks after anything to do with club finances, to make sure we have enough money to have fun.
Social Secretary
Jay Powell socialsec.jpg
If you hang out at club socials then you will probably see the club social sec. Their job is to churn out the weekly slices of fantastic social gatherings that you can expect. They don't do it for the glory, they just love seeing happy cavers.
Trip Officers
Josh Marcinkowski & Louise Ranken tripofficer.jpg
The appropriately named Trip Officers are in charge of organising and running club trips, making sure we have a roof over our heads and a minibus to not crash.
Training Officers
Natalie Whittingham & Ben Dolby training.jpg
Organises and runs the weekly SRT training sessions at the climbing wall.
Welfare Officer
Aimee Farrow welfare.jpg
As welfare officer I aim to be someone you can approach with any problem, whether it be caving related or not. I am here to support anyone through whatever they are struggling with, and provide options on how to move forward; whether it be as simple as a coffee break, or advice on what professional guidance would be useful. Feel free to contact me, even if you just need someone to listen.
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    Group Photo
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    Can game
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    Table Traversing game